As a Musician, Are You Using Effective Breathing Techniques?

As a Musician, Are You Using Effective Breathing Techniques?

As-a-Musician-Are-You-Using-Effective-Breathing-Techniques-As a musician, you eat, sleep, and breathe music. You will train and practice for hours in order to prepare for performances.  Your ongoing focus is to perfect your musical skills to the highest-level of quality and ease.  In the music world, breath conditioning is as important as learning the notes.  Breath training is something basic that many musicians often take for granted.  Developing consistent and natural breathing techniques is essential for maintaining a relaxed and balanced breathing form. As a musician, does your musical performance suffer from restricted air or support?

Threshold of Breath Resistance

We all have muscles in our bodies that support breathing. By training those muscles, we can make them stronger and more efficient.  During musical performances, you may be holding back your performance and restricting your breathing when your muscles work against a threshold of resistance.  Improve your performance by inhaling and exhaling through a breathing-training device, which allows you to work against a threshold of resistance that is the same for every breath.

Invest in Better Breathing

Musicians spend thousands of dollars on the finest instruments to upgrade and enhance their performances.  The investment in buying the perfect mouthpieces, tuners, springs, and tunable braces are costly and never-ending.  These accessories don’t guarantee fast improvements in music production. Oscar Onoz, a professional trumpet player in New York City, demonstrates the need for musicians to continually search for performance improvements:

“I am a professional commercial player in New York City.  As trumpet players we are always looking for something that will give us improvement in our playing. We will usually go thru countless mouthpieces and trumpets to accomplish this!

Instead of investing in new mouthpieces, instruments, and other devices to improve your performances, invest in better breathing techniques.  Learn more about respiratory muscle training.

Performance Boosts You Can Count On

As a flute player, Gregory from Houston reveals first-hand experience of using a resistance-training device to achieve a fuller tone, focused projection, and controlled breathing in his performances:

“The product that I purchased from your company has really, really boosted my performance. I decided to keep it.  My tone is fuller, more colorful, projection is more focused, and most of all, my breathing is more controlled.”  

Musicians want to see measurable improvements in a short period of time.  As a musician, take 5 minutes to warm up using respiratory muscle training and use the rest of your time to prepare the other parts of the performance!  This will not only accelerate the breath training process, but also the quality and ease of music performance.  Flute players are loyal customers of breathing-training devices because they have high requirements for air and breath control.  PowerLung Performer Series is the common choice for flute players, who often hear performance improvements in as little as 10 breaths! 

Make Respiratory Training a Priority

Respiratory muscle devices help you deliver improved musical performances by training and improving your breathing. Regardless of whether you are a beginner musician or a professional artist, PowerLung can help you achieve any goal. Use PowerLung Performer Series with your current breathing exercises to experience the best in breathing (respiratory) muscle training and conditioning.  This product series was designed BY performance artists FOR performance artists, so as a musician you can count on it to improve the quality of your air and breath control.  Be smart and play confidently with the highest level of artistry by making breath training a priority.  

To learn more information about the physical aspects of breathing as it relates to the production of sound, click here for the Breathing for Performance Book and DVD for Wind and Voice Musicians. 

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