Cable Spence and Cotton Patch Gospel

Cable Spence and Cotton Patch Gospel

mic powerlungI have heard back from my friend Cable Spence in Florida and if you didn’t get to see the Blue Grass Rock Musical with Cable in the band, you and I missed it. According to Cable,

"My performance in the “Cotton Patch Gospel” musical is over and went very well. The band carried the show which was Harry Chapin’s score. … I’ve been blowing into that infernal purple tube for almost two months now, and it works. I can hold notes longer and keep more air in my lungs, which has given me more power in my singing. One of the band members said it looked like I was sucking an eggplant."

I am personally very glad Cable had a good time and the event went well. Most importantly I’m glad that Cable got the benefit of using his “purple tube” PowerLung. In case you didn’t know, the model he is referring to is the PowerLung Performer Series Model P617B.

Cable has just completed his big event and he chose PowerLung to help him prepare for and stay on top of his performance requirements. If you are a musician, vocalist, performing artist or public speaker are you prepared to meet the demands of your current or next assignment? If you have been practicing regularly I am sure you believe you are.

You may want to take a lesson from Cable, who also practices regularly, and add a little support and specialized exercises for your performance muscles. When the muscles you use for playing, singing, or speaking become overtaxed  and tired you tend to not use them properly and actually strain them. Neck and mouth muscle strain for wind and brass players or vocal strain for a speaker or vocalist can cause permanent damage and even end careers. Use PowerLung regularly to strengthen the breathing muscles. Use it during your regular practice, as a warm-up and a warm-down to help you prepare and be ready for the demands for your performance.  If you have an extra-demanding role, as Cable thought he would have, you will then be ready  to meet these demands because you regularly used PowerLung.

It’s the time of year to get ready for your marching band participation and competitions as well as vocal performances and competitions. Remember, if you are in marching band or your vocal performances include acting or dancing you have double requirements. You are not only a musician you also train physically as many hours as some athletes.

Speaking of competitions, I am sure there is someone reading this who has a performance audition for a position in a university organization or for scholarship. Start to use PowerLung now so you can maximize your performance for this important opportunity.

If you already have a PowerLung and like Cable maybe stopped using it regularly, consider using your Practice Journal to make a note of your PowerLung use so you can see the difference it makes and help you keep on track. If you don’t have a Practice Journal check our PowerLung accessories. And, you will probably also appreciate the 5-minute counting routine from PowerLung user Andre Jacques.

Whether professional, college, or high school, I love being able to attend local performances. Our offices are near a high school so I often drop by in the fall and watch the marching band practice their routines and music. I hope you will support music and arts education in your community. And remember you are never too old to make music.  Just look at Cable!

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