Can Your Lungs Keep Up With The Kids This Summer?

Can Your Lungs Keep Up With The Kids This Summer?


The kids are finishing the school year and the weather is warm and sunny. Outdoor activities make for great spring and summer fun! Don’t let exertion get in the way of fun with the kids! Make sure your lungs are strong enough to keep up with the kids this summer so you and your family can stay active together.

Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet rural town, you can find creative ways to keep your family active this spring and summer. Not fit? Consider a PowerLung to unlock your potential and prepare your lungs to keep up the pace.

1. Go Camping

Bring the tents and the sleeping bags! Camping is an inexpensive and simple way of strengthening family ties, staying active in nature and having lots of fun. Roast s’mores and hotdogs while you exchange stories over a campfire. Bring some binoculars to discover wildlife, hike the trails, or take a jog amongst the trees. If camping or hiking in the mountains, be sure to train, especially your lungs,for altitude activities. Avoiding exhaustion from hiking adds more quality family fun time.

A traditional campground offers many amenities and opportunities for having a good time. If you do not live near a traditional campsite, go camping in your own backyard! Recreate the camping experience with games, storytelling and a campfire. Remember those ghost stories your grandmother used to tell you?

Exploring new places or the magical kingdom of your own backyard, your family will have fun and make lifelong memories.

2. Plant a Family Garden

Grand or simple, Nature is beautiful. Growing living things benefits both the mind and body, and according to dedicated gardeners, nourishes the spirit as well. This Spring and Summer, get down-to-earth and dig in the dirt. There is something magical about the smell of rich, dark earth. So, stay active outdoors by planting a family garden.

Working together to plant the seeds is a positive family experience that yields wonderful rewards. Let each loved one choose a different plant, flower, fruit or vegetable to nurture. Discussing the many health benefits of fruits and vegetables will help the family learn to love them. If you ensure that your kids assist in maintaining the garden, each day you will be teaching them ownership and responsibility.

Planting a garden for the first time can be a rewarding experience for you and your family. Working on your hands in the soil to create a garden will yield the spiritual and nourishing feedback you desire. But, planting a garden can be taxing on your body. Make sure you stretch to avoid injury before you start digging and get your breathing up to the task by training them regularly with PowerLung.

3. Get Wet

Spring and summer can get hot! Cool off by getting wet outdoors.

Take the family for a day of fun water activities at the nearest waterpark. The water slides and wave pools will keep your family moving and having a great time even in the heat. It won’t even feel like exercise.

If there’s no waterpark near you, have aquatic fun at home. Purchase some water balloons and inflatable water slides that will keep your kids slipping and sliding all day! Local pools also provide a cool and enjoyable way to exercise and do some family bonding as well as socializing and making friends.

Train your lungs for those breath-holding contests to impress the kids! If you can’t find a pool, make sure your lungs are up for those water balloon fights.

4. Play Old Fashioned Games

Old-fashioned games never get boring or go out of style! Jump rope, street hockey, hopscotch, kickball, and tag are just a few options to keep your family active outdoors. The traditional sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis make for great fun in the Good Ole Summertime. These activities are great for sports-loving families and don’t require a lot of planning or materials.

Don’t get exhausted half way through the game. Make it to the last round with stronger lungs. Exercising doesn’t have to feel like work when you are having fun, and the PowerLung breathing device will help you breathe easier and avoid shortness of breath while staying active and entertaining the family.

5. Experience the local environment

Take advantage of what your local environment has to offer! Some cities have beaches. Some have mountains. Some have lakes, and others have walking trails. You can find an activity that makes sense for your surroundings and your family’s preferences.

No frills outdoor activities like hiking enables you to motivate each other to keep going going—climb every mountain—and enjoy the view at the top of the hill. Challenge yourself and those with you to reach higher than ever before. If you live near the beach, take a swim in the ocean waters and then jog along the shore. Make it a habit to regularly explore different local natural spots together as a family.

No matter where you live, take advantage of your local outdoors and keep your family active and happy this season. Whatever activity you choose, an easy, quick PowerLung regimen will help you stay in shape by strengthening your respiratory muscles, so you can keep having fun and not be left by the wayside…breathless. Turn these family outings into bonding experiences and motivate each other to stay healthy! Take a deep breath and get started today.

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