Maintaining Your Fitness during Summer Vacations

Maintaining Your Fitness during Summer Vacations

PowerLung - Maintaining Your Fitness during Summer Vacations

Summer vacation is fast approaching. Although you likely have a training regime well underway, the warm weather leads to visions of morning runs, bike rides, and workouts as athletes consider scorching heat. With kids out of school, this is also the most popular time for family vacations, which (although fun) can wreak havoc on your fitness routine and plans. It is easy to lose hope that you can maintain your fitness level during these interruptions, but never fear…there ARE tools which not only prevent you from losing what you’ve gained, but some which can be taken with you on vacation, boosting your confidence while relaxing on the beach, by the pool, or visiting your favorite parks and historical cities!

A balance of healthy eating, modified training exercises, and the necessary mental and emotional break help you stay on track and bounce right back when you return. If you are not prepared for a vacation with a plan in place, the thought that you will gain weight can set you up for failure when you return, carving away at your drive. With tricks you can use before, during, and after your vacation, you are armed and ready to enjoy summer!

Develop a “Travel” Exercise Routine

Bodyweight training, Pilates and yoga are often overlooked when you are in the heat of your training regimen. Consider a combination of push-ups, squats, and bench presses. Now is the time to focus on these. And get your work-out in early each day so it doesn’t cut into your precious vacation schedule. Cardio workouts are the most difficult to maintain while on vacation, but you don’t have to give up respiratory training. To help maintain respiratory fitness, your PowerLung device is likely to be your ultimate travel fitness device. Available in four different models based on your fitness level and goals, there is a product designed for your specific needs.

Pack Up Your Gym (or Use the One Provided by Your Hotel)

Now is the time to invest in a few inexpensive pieces of equipment (if you don’t already have them) to take along; hand weights, jump rope (an effortless way to get cardio in a small space), and resistance bands all enable you to keep fit in a hotel room. Be sure to check out the hotel’s fitness room online before you fly; many chains boast complete gyms ready for your use, and some even offer exercise kits, yoga mats and workout clothes! The lightweight PowerLung device can be stored and carried in a convenient waterproof case, making it the easiest exercise equipment to travel with!

Modify Your Eating Habits  

You certainly don’t have to starve yourself while on vacation; just like in your everyday life, your good food choices can help support your fitness level. If you consider your calories and nutritional intake averaged over a week instead of day by day, you can allow yourself some splurges here and there. Some give-and-take here will add up to a balanced picture:

  • Seafood is always a good choice, and for many people, a delicacy not enjoyed every day at home. Grilled and broiled options are best and go easy on the heavy sauces.
  • Choose a light breakfast filled with lean protein fresh fruits. Avoid the free hotel breakfast, which is notoriously carb-loaded and lacking on simple produce.
  • Drink lots of water; traveling can cause dehydration, leaving you vulnerable to sickness, and an unnatural eating schedule can lead you to make poor food and drink choices. Additionally, water fills you up and offsets some of the other indulgences you need to experience while on vacation!
  • Don’t be afraid to try local foods. The adage “everything in moderation” works here. Share meals, eat your largest meal during the day, and go light in the evenings. If you follow the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your food choices are healthy and 20% are indulgences, you won’t get behind the 8-ball. You can save money, calories, and still enjoy the cuisine.
  • Avoid the mini bar and don’t over-indulge. Alcohol hides a lot of calories without offering any nutritional benefits, so watch closely what you are drinking. Clear drinks are often lower in sugars, while beers are carb-filled. Drink a glass of water for every drink to slow yourself down, and mix club soda to “water-down” your drinks whenever it won’t hurt the taste.

Walk Whenever Possible

Make exercise part of every trip you take by sightseeing by foot whenever possible. Look for bike tours in historic cities, whether guided or not. It’s a terrific way to get some fresh air, exercise, and a unique tour. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and instead of renting a car (and dealing with parking and fuel expenses), utilize public transportation, Uber or taxis for those situations where walking may not be an option.

Add a Physical Activity to Every Vacation

Even if your trip is historical, gastronomic, or cultural, you can still add a few physical activities to your trip. Swimming in the hotel pool, bicycle tours, and short hikes to see the local geography can all be added without taking away from the theme of your vacation. If you are traveling with kids, physical activity helps to balance the moments when you may be visiting a museum or historic site, when they need to be quiet and still.

Respiratory Fitness Helps Prevent the Collapse of Your Exercise Goals

Vacations are notorious for not only causing a few pounds of weight but also for undermining your long-term fitness goals. Respiratory exercise improves metabolism, so you can offset some of this loss by maintaining a respiratory fitness program. Using the PowerLung while on vacation helps you to improve oxygenation, feeding your muscles, will allow you to return after a vacation relaxed AND ready to jump back into your exercise routine. The portable handheld PowerLung provides you with a combination of inspiratory and expiratory muscle training without the need for a gym or athletic facility. Take your PowerLung with you everywhere; it fits in your carry-on or suitcase in the convenient vinyl case, offering you a quick respiratory workout anywhere you want!




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