On Your Mark, Get Set...

On Your Mark, Get Set...

how_to_sprint_without_overextending_yourselfGO! This is Marathon Weekend in Houston, TX and this Saturday I’ll be out on the course with all the runners who are trying to qualify for the US Olympic Marathon Team.  I won’t be running in it but I’ll be one of the volunteers trying to make this one of the best experiences of their life.

Throughout its history PowerLung has been a part of the Olympic training program for many athletes. Right after PowerLung began I was at the 2000 Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials. This year, through our social media channels, we will be giving you information on how people in different activities have used PowerLung to train for those activities.  We’ve been looking through all the information we have received and want to give it to you so you can get more benefit from your PowerLung in your training program.

If you are in Houston please come out and participate to cheer on the runners for the Olympic Trials on Saturday or for the Chevron Houston Marathon or other races on Sunday.  Regardless of where you are located, be sure you support events in your area.  It makes a huge difference to the participants.  I know because it made a difference to me when I ran the Houston Marathon.  I really wish I knew the name of the guy who was so encouraging at Mile 21!

If you are supporting an event in your area let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or just contact us. It’s a good way to have some fun and a good motivator to keep up with your own training or exercise program. When you hear the interviews with this years runners in Olympic Marathon Trials, you learn they have been training for a year for just this one event.  That’s focus and dedication!

We at PowerLung hope you stay focused on your goals!


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