PowerLung and Crossfit Training Carolyn's Story

PowerLung and Crossfit Training Carolyn's Story


PowerLung has received many inquiries about using the device with Crossfit. Needless to say, I was curious for that reason alone, but I had personal reasons as well. I’d lost weight, but in the past two years I’d been working out still hadn’t built the muscle I needed to pursue Crossfit training. Frankly, I was somewhat afraid. Three areas of concern were:

  • Age
  • Current fitness ability
  • Stories about people injured when starting the training (everybody had one!)

I discussed Crossfit with people my age who used this training, read a library of books about the subject, and sought recommendations of “boxes” near me. But I did not start a regimen. Then one day, destiny gave me the needed push. A Groupon ® appeared for a facility within two miles. I bought the one-month option and, within two days, I had begun my journey to better strength, flexibility and fitness.

My Goal and Why I Pursued It

My goal was to learn more about Crossfit in general and how it might help me achieve my strength and flexibility needs. The prospect of injury still concerned me, but I was careful not to overexert. With the assistance of the training staff, appropriate adaptations were made to exercises and equipment.

Not just respiratory muscles, but all muscles lose tone as a natural function of aging. I’d also lost flexibility and range of motion. This loss of strength, especially in the core and hips, affects functional movement and balance. Considering only your own body weight, some type of strength training is recommended to deal with osteoporosis. Exercise is Medicine ® daily presents more evidence that exercise can benefit as much as a medication—and is advantageous in the improvement of many chronic illnesses.

More-Than-Expected Perks

The environment is totally accepting of each person exactly as they are and constantly supportive. “Good job!” “You’ll get there!” are encouraging when doubts plague you. This friendly atmosphere makes it easier to train at the appropriate level and boosts the fun!

Soon, the benefits of my 15-years of respiratory muscle training with PowerLung were evident. With a combination of strength and cardio at each workout, I was actually able to breathe at a higher level than my exercise ability.

If you are already active in Crossfit, whether you compete or simply enjoy the workout, your training will profit from regular use of PowerLung. Our White Paper, Peak Performance Training Begins with PowerLung, discusses how the device, like your Crossfit or other training programs, helps you get and keep a stronger core and stronger breathing. Use regularly, and you’ll see more stamina for your workouts. If you, or someone you know, are interested, Active Aging, a study performed in Australia, outlines the benefits of using PowerLung to improve breathing performance, exercise stamina, and enjoyment of exercise.

I hope you’ll follow me as I continue my Crossfit adventure. I’ll work with my trainers to determine exercises for PowerLung from the beginner level to the competition level.

Choose PowerLung to start your breathing training and supplement your existing program. Download a copy of our Peak Performance Training White Paper and The Effects of Respiratory Muscle Training on Performance in Older Females to learn more about the benefits of PowerLung. You’re never too old to find your Physical Human Potential!



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