Respiratory Training: Do You Want An Elite Engine Under Your Hood?

Respiratory Training: Do You Want An Elite Engine Under Your Hood?

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As elite athletes, you are considered the best in your sport, and the public assumes you train every part of the body required for your sport. When you walk up to the starting line, put on that helmet, even step into those skis, do you have the biggest engine under your proverbial hood?  Do you know that the strength of your respiratory system can make or break your performance? A trained respiratory system is likened to having a big engine under the hood; with the ability draw in more fuel (oxygen), your output (performance) increases. It is crucial to train and strengthen it so you can perform at your best.

Respiratory System and Your Performance

Oxygen Levels

Oxygen is critical to supplying your body with energy and fuel to keep it going.  As you exercise, your body’s demand for oxygen rises. Therefore, an increased capacity will provide you with the endurance you need to finish the competition.

Aerobic Threshold

Limited oxygen intake and low aerobic threshold can push you into anaerobic exercise, where the body is working without oxygen. As this continues, lactic levels in muscles rise and they tire due to this build up. This type of exercise cannot be sustained.


Several features affect endurance; the top two are limited oxygen and the accumulation of lactates in muscles. If the ability to increase the intake of oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide is improved, endurance will be enhanced.

Benefits of Respiratory Training

Increased Oxygen Levels in Blood

Simply put, the higher the oxygen levels in the blood, the more efficient your muscles will work. Vital organs (heart, brain, lungs) will take oxygenated blood from your working muscles, so with increased levels, there is more to be distributed, enhancing your athletic performance.

Reduced Fatigue

When additional oxygen is available during your performance, the muscles experience less stress, increasing the burden they can bear. Muscles become more efficient, requiring less oxygen to complete the task.

More Efficiency and Power

Just as many athletes train at higher altitudes to teach their bodies to work with less oxygen, respiratory training allows you to train your body to work harder at breathing, making your system more efficient. This increase in efficiency means that you can swim, run, jump, or compete in any other physical activity with more power. 


PowerLung increases your respiratory strength; by training the 12 sets of breathing muscles, you breathe more efficiently without taxing your body. PowerLung training is a system of resistant breathing, all done while the body is at rest. You will experience lowered cardiac rates, increased oxygen levels, and increased inhale and exhale strength. These improvements carry on to the rest of your body, providing additional oxygenated blood to needed muscles, eliminating lactates and other waste products, slowing dehydration, and increasing your breathing efficiency.

Try PowerLung today and see your performance levels rise to new heights! 


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