Spring Break Activities for a Family Staycation

Spring Break Activities for a Family Staycation

PowerLung - Spring Break Activities for a Family Staycation

Spring break can be hectic; kids have been cooped up all winter, are ready for a physical and mental break from school and are anxious to get active. Parents may not have vacation time available for a real “vacation” but want to plan something fun with the kids. Here are some ideas for making the most of your Spring Break while not spending a large portion driving for only a few days’ fun!

Explore Nature

Look for local parks and outdoor spaces where you can take a hike. As nature begins to wake from its winter slumber, you will be surprised to see birds, bunnies, and other wildlife stirring. Trees may be budding out and tufts of greenery starting to peek out. What a great opportunity to talk about seasons and discover which plants and animals are “early birds.”

Spring Break Camps

Whether STEM or art, swimming or theater, many community organizations have planned activities for a week of entertainment. You may find parent and child activities as well as daily or week-long classes where your kids can learn something new!

Museum Day

How many times have your taken your children to a museum for a few hours, focusing on a specific exhibit or event? Many museums and cultural centers have additional activities available during school breaks, both for kids and families. Try spending the entire day there, exploring all that the facility has to offer!

Home Art Day

Look online for some inspiration and spend a day creating arts and crafts. Consider making gifts for family and friends for Christmas or birthdays. If the weather is warm, take your crafts—and the mess—outside.

Playground Tour/Tourist Day

There are likely multiple playgrounds and parks throughout your community. Pack a lunch and “playground hop,” exploring and even ranking your favorites! For older kids, don your tourist attire and go to all of the places you would recommend to visitors. From historic places to cultural icons of your community, check out everything that makes your city unique.

Brush Up on Your Water Skills

Although you may live where swimming is a seasonal activity, look for indoor pools where you can take some swim lessons, focus on water fitness, or simply enjoy a taste of summertime in the cold spring weather. Add an overnight at a hotel with a great pool and you have a mini-vacation in your home town!

Attend a Professional (or College) Game

Baseball season has begun, and basketball is still in full swing. Take advantage of the opportunity to take your kids to a professional, semi-pro, or college game mid-week, when tickets are often cheaper and more plentiful. Enjoy sports foods like hot dogs and popcorn and share your love of the sport with new fans!

Dust off Your Bikes

As the weather begins to warm up, get out your bikes and explore your neighborhood, community, and public spaces. If you live close enough, make your bike ride part of another activity, biking to a park for a picnic, or an indoor swimming pool. Discover how bicycling can be a form of transportation and not just a leisure activity.


This is especially relevant for teenagers. How often do you consider teaching your kids the value of charity, but your busy school and extra-curricular activity schedules prevent it? Whether it be a shelter or youth organization, visit to nursing homes or community clean-up, instill in your children the value of giving back this week.

Can You Keep up this Spring Break?

With all of these potential spring break activities, make sure you are physically fit to keep up with the kids and your lofty plans, as well as maintain your fitness schedule. Adding the PowerLung respiratory muscle training device to your plans is easy. Short training sessions fit into your schedule and the portability of the PowerLung means you can add it to your already-busy schedule, no matter where you are at. Check out our website to learn more about how PowerLung can improve your breathing!




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