The Happy Athlete and PowerLung

The Happy Athlete and PowerLung

happy athlete powerlungThe Happy Athlete contest prizes include better breathing with PowerLung. Check out our new study there too.

Dr. Joe Sheppard, the author of a new case study on PowerLung, is The Happy Athlete. He is focused on healthy living and exercise and training are big components of what he practices. The work he did provided some insights into the training protocol that might benefit a well-trained individual as they implement PowerLung into their training program to maximize it’s benefits.

Another aspect of Dr. Sheppard’s study is what happened when he did not use PowerLung regularly. He did not receive improvement in his measurements but instead regressed. As with any group of muscles, the respiratory muscles are “use it or lose it”. Experience with PowerLung shows that the longer you use PowerLung the longer it takes for the muscles to lose their power or begin to regress. That means when you first start your PowerLung you should find a way that works for you to track your PowerLung use along with your regular training or exercise. That way you get and retain the benefits of all aspects of your training or exercise program.

Read The Happy Athlete study on the PowerLung website. In the meantime, visit The Happy Athlete to register for the prizes and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to increase your chances of winning a PowerLung so you can Breathe Better.


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