What is a PowerLung Resistance Cell Set?

What is a PowerLung Resistance Cell Set?

PowerLung---What-is-a-Resistance-Cell-SetResistance is a crucial part of muscle training. By challenging muscles of all types, requiring them to work harder, strength is improved. In fact, resistance training is part of any comprehensive physical training program. Since so many modern activities are automated, it is more important than ever to find ways to work various muscles. The respiratory muscles are no different; this is one of the reasons that a respiratory muscle training device like the PowerLung can be such a useful addition to your training program.

The challenge which can arise with respiratory muscle training (RMT) materializes when a user reaches the peak of the device’s resistance. The first option is to modify the training routine; however, when even a more stringent routine is not tough enough, one may look for a more challenging device. However, another option to expand the usefulness of the device is to consider utilizing a PowerLung Resistance Cell set.


When looking to add a RMT device to your exercise plan, there are several options based on your current respiratory abilities and long-term goals. When you have been successful in your breath training routine, you may not want to invest in another training device. Additionally, there may be times in any athlete, musician, or any RMT device user’s life when your RMT needs vary. A resistance cell set provides you with the flexibility to modify your training program after an injury, time off, or new challenges arise.


PowerLung has designed a breathing device in varieties to suit a many different users, from those suffering from respiratory conditions to elite athletes, and everyone in between! By using resistance cells in each model of PowerLung, users have a wider range of resistance options, ensuring a long and satisfying use of the PowerLung device.  Each of the four models of PowerLung (AireStream, BreatheAir, Trainer and Sport) offer users a respiratory training workout which fits their individual lifestyles.

As needs change, the cells can be added to increase the resistance in the workout, providing choices in how the device is used, and making it the perfect RMT device for any user, at any point in their training! Should you need to add or remove resistance in your training program, simply add or remove resistance cells.


The PowerLung Resistance Cell set makes sense for nearly every user. For example, if you have lofty athletic goals, you may be tempted to purchase a device that is simply more than you can handle to start with. Instead of buying a Trainer when a BreatheAir is better suited for your ability, purchase the Resistance Cells when you have risen above the current device’s challenge! Instead of purchasing a new PowerLung device, you can save over 33% by investing in Resistance Cells ($80 vs. $120)!


PowerLung is committed to your health! Training devices and Resistance Cell sets can be purchased online, and we offer extensive customer support, testimonials, and educational content to help you not only purchase the right PowerLung device, but articles and training information which assist you in creating and maintaining a successful exercise plan. So, to get the most out of your PowerLung respiratory muscle training device, consider adding Resistance Cell sets!


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