Collection: Clearance Corner

We have some exciting news to share with you! You can now customize your PowerLung or build your own by purchasing parts that are typically not sold separately. We are offering high-quality PowerLung parts and accessories at reduced prices.

Our collection includes primary product parts, such as the PowerLung Main Body assembly, which comes in custom colors, wrong colors, or inventory overruns. You can use one of these PowerLung Main Body Assembly parts to build your own PowerLung by adding it to a standard PowerLung Resistance Cells Set. Alternatively, you can customize your current PowerLung by changing the color of the Main Body. This offer is possible because PowerLung is uniquely designed for parts to work together!

Additionally, we are also offering new musical instrument mouthpieces to supplement your PowerLung training with non-adjustable flow-restrictive training.

Please be aware that all the items we offer are new, and we do not provide any open-box or refurbished items. Note that the PowerLung warranty does not cover these items, and shipping costs are not included. Quantities are limited, so don't miss out on this fantastic offer. Once the inventory runs out, the sale is over.

Thank you for choosing PowerLung!