PowerLung Store Migration to GetPowerLung.com

PowerLung Store Migration to GetPowerLung.com

Yay! You Found Us!

I want to welcome you to the Updated PowerLung Online Store! We are moving to a new platform at Shopify and hope this improves your experience for purchasing PowerLung products. One of the biggest improvements we have found, so far, is improved shipping options.

  • More choices of who you can choose from to ship your order, and.
  • Shipping Charges are based on actual product weight, not just quantity. 

Plus, we have made some limited runs of select units in different colors and will soon be offering those at GetPowerLung.com. 

Moving forward, we will be providing our online whitepapers, studies, instructions, and other Knowledge Base items as digital downloads. We hope this makes make access to them easier for you and the ability to add new content easier for us. Our goal is to give you the best information possible on PowerLung products and Better Breathing.

In a way, we hope this change is largely transparent to you other than an improved experience and more information. 

Thank you for your interest in PowerLung and Better Breathing!

Carolyn Morse

PS. If you're ready to Get PowerLung Now use this link for the discount code at checkout!



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