Collection: PowerLung - Like Weight Training for Your Lungs!

Better Breathing with Every Breath. Like Weight Training for Your Lungs! 

Why Weight Training?

Muscles from your tongue all the way to your abdomen are involved in your breathing. You most often "notice" this when you can't inhale and take as deep a breath as you want. Weight Training, specifically Progressive Threshold Resistance Training provides the most consistent means of helping muscles become stronger so the muscle can perform its job with less effort. 

Why Four Models of PowerLung?

No two people are alike! Neither is their breathing or breathing ability!

That's why there are 4 PowerLung Models, and Each Model has a separate range of resistance training!

An Olympic swimmer does not breathe the same as a person who swims for fitness. Neither does a singer breathe the same as a triathlete. Why would an Olympic athlete need the same device as someone with weakened breathing? PowerLung recognizes that everyone is different and offers four models of its product for Everyone Who Breathes!

PowerLung was the first company to offer customers the ability to customize their breathing training and exercises to their current abilities while providing product adaptability to change as the user changes.

Each model has a specific range of independently adjustable inhale and exhale resistance, so you get the optimal training you need to get results! Get more from

  • any performance
  • a competition
  • daily exercise
  • for general well-being
  • for more extended notes and reinforced breathing support for music and singing
  • for improved swallowing, sleeping, or other health-related functions affected by the muscle atrophy

Improve your breathing fitness for strength, power, and endurance in just 5 minutes twice daily with easy-to-set controls and simple breathing exercises.