Collection: PowerLung RCS - The Core of Better Breathing Exercise

“Breathe more life” into your PowerLung - Resistance Cell Sets!

You Chose PowerLung for flexibility to ensure you are training at the most effective level for your individual needs. 

Each PowerLung unit is designed with a range of resistance so that you can continue to advance in your respiratory muscle training within the range of that model. Each model has a color-coordinated Resistance Cell set designed to be used with the same color model. But things change!

  • Do you have a PowerLung that’s too difficult?
  • Are ready to advance from your current range of resistance for an additional challenge?
  • Do you need a little less resistance to continue your training after an illness or injury?
  • Do you want your PowerLung to provide a different range of resistance so you can modify your training program with less resistance for more sport-specific breathing exercises and training? 

The PowerLung Resistance Cells are the answer! 

What is a Resistance Cell?

Resistance Cells are the core of each PowerLung unit. PowerLung has patented the use of one Resistance Cell for inhaling and a separate Resistance Cell for exhaling. These independently adjustable Resistance Cells control the amount of resistance you use for your training with PowerLung. This technology is how you can achieve customized training for both the Inhale and Exhale portion of your breathing

What are the benefits to you?

Because of PowerLung's superior product design, the main body of any PowerLung model can accept the Resistance Cells Set of any other model! A Resistance Cell Set gives you an Inhale and an Exhale Resistance Cell for a specific PowerLung model.

It's like adding another model of PowerLung without the cost of a new unit! You now have the flexibility to change, and customize, the resistance range of any PowerLung model at any time you want! Resistance Cells Sets provide you access to customized training options from every PowerLung model. 

You get more choice and flexibility for your breathing training with the PowerLung Resistance Cell Sets,


Remember! PowerLung should not be shared! Changing the Resistance Cells does not remove the danger of sharing a PowerLung.