Kindle Your Romance and Health with These Couples-Focused Ideas

Kindle Your Romance and Health with These Couples-Focused Ideas

PowerLung -  Kindle Your Romance and Health with These Couples Fitness Ideas

Flowers and candy are traditional Valentine’s gifts, but if you are looking for something more health- and “together”-oriented to spark your relationship, why not consider something that combines both? Here are a few unique ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month!

Take Fitness Classes Together

If either of you are in a slump or regularly exercise solo, why not take this opportunity to try something new together? Even if you have different skill sets, there are activities which you can learn together, either as supporters or as competitors including:

  • Salsa/Ballroom dancing
  • AcroYoga
  • Tennis (either as singles or doubles)
  • CrossFit
  • Kickboxing

Participate in a Health Fair Together

Start a joint journey to better health by attending a health fair as a team. Blood work, heart and blood pressure screening, skin cancer, bone density, and the like are all offered at a low cost in a relaxed atmosphere. Men are notorious for ignoring symptoms, so visiting as a team allows you to support each other as you look for ways to improve your lives and tackle difficult conversations which are crucial to long-term relationship health.

Make Cardio Your Focus During Heart Disease Awareness Month

Continuing the couples class theme, if either of you spend time lifting weights or doing yoga or Pilates, make a commitment to your cardio during the month of February. Spending a few weeks trying a new challenge may be all you need to fall in love with this type of workout and kick-start your fitness level for spring!

Take a Fitness Focused Weekend Retreat

What better way to rekindle the romance with a fitness-inspired vacation? From wine country excursions for runners (and wine lovers) in California to a well-rounded fitness retreat near Zion National Park which offers hiking, kayaking, yoga, Pilates and more, you can meld what you love together in a rejuvenating (physically) and reconnecting (emotionally) experience.

Regular Workouts in the Bedroom

For those looking to spice up their relationship even though their fitness levels may not align, why not keep up the cardio in the bedroom? There is nothing like a little intimacy to strengthen your lungs and your relationship!

Buy Your Love Something Special to Improve Their Fitness Experience:

  • Wireless ear buds
  • Apple watch
  • Fitbit
  • Fitness journal
  • Couples size yoga mat
  • PowerLung

Respiratory Muscle Training Device

Improve your lungs (and your love’s) with a respiratory muscle training device like the PowerLung. There is nothing sexier than great health, so why not start with your lungs? The Powerlung is a simple addition to any fitness regimen. With only 10 minutes a day, a Powerlung program can improve your lung health by strengthening your respiratory muscles, increasing your endurance, and reducing recovery time after workouts.

So, when looking for the perfect gift for your health-nut Valentine, consider these tried-and-true and unique ideas to show your love, and your commitment to your health!




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