Take Me Along on Vacation

Take Me Along on Vacation


A Trip to Remember

Congratulations! You purchased a PowerLung and have started a regular regimen for conditioning your lungs. The device has worked as we promised. Your breathing has improved. Everything you do—from simply climbing stairs to competitive rowing--is now easier.

Vacation time has (finally) arrived, and you’re packed to enjoy your favorite activities, the ones that probably inspired your dedicated training. Check your list once more. Looks as if you have forgotten your PowerLung.

You ask, “Why should I take my PowerLung on vacation when I’ll only be away a week?” Regardless of the length of your holiday, you don’t want to lose ground in your determination to breathe better. You can use PowerLung to warm up before any exertion and improve your performance. If you continue your habit of using your PowerLung while vacationing, you won’t forget to return to your schedule once you’re home. After all, you originally purchased a PowerLung for a definite purpose, and possibly made other lifestyle changes, to meet or support a goal.

Was it diving? To enjoy longer bottom time on that upcoming trip, be sure to include your PowerLung in your dive bag. You can then warm up with your PowerLung before the dive and be ready to handle the excitement and the gear.

Going to the mountains? Again, pack your PowerLung. Be sure to use the device regularly before you go. You’ll be better able to maintain your level of activity as you adapt to the lower oxygen levels in the altitude. Think of it this way…If it worked for Dr. Klaus Mees when climbing Mt. Everest, PowerLung will certainly help you enjoy hiking or climbing, and definitely enhance your visit to the mountains.

Sometimes on vacation, the excitement, changes in food, hours, or even jet lag create sleeping problems. At the end of the day, turn down the resistance on your PowerLung and use it for long, slow, deep relaxing breathing.

The above are a few of the many examples of the benefits found in regular use of your PowerLung. Any of the different ways you use your PowerLung while on vacation or traveling will reveal new ones you can use when you return home. In addition, you have maintained a good habit—using your PowerLung.

Good Habits

Keeping a good habit can be difficult. An article in Psychology Today, 3 Habits to Making Your Good Habits Stick, gives the following:

  • Plan ahead to reduce excuses
  • Make it harder to give into temptation during a moment of weakness
  • Create a List of all the reasons you should keep going

These pointers may help you create long-lasting change and stick to your good habits, something we all strive to do.

Begin Anew

Suppose you’re just considering a purchase. You might want to listen to what other people are saying about PowerLung, which is a great deal, in fact.

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon for the PowerLung AireStream.

One reviewer calls PowerLung: “Terrific. Very Helpful. Wonderful device.”

The researcher in a study on PowerLung and the Effects of a Respiratory Muscle Training Program…, concluded:

“I feel that due to the current level of athletic endurance and conditioning that the alternation and significant improvements in SPO2 and PEF was directly related to the RMT on the PowerLung.” (Complete study available under Knowledge Base, Studies and Papers, on our website.)

So, add your PowerLung to your travel list and reap the benefits of creating or reinforcing the habit of better breathing.

Here’s to your health and a trip to remember!


Do You Need a PowerLung?

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