What to do if you reach maximum on your current PowerLung?

What to do if you reach maximum on your current PowerLung?

Resistance Cell SetIf you have reached the maximum on your current PowerLung then congratulations, you are progressing well. Fortunately, there are two ways to continue your development and go forward from here. The first is to adjust your routine and the second is to add new resistance cells.

When it comes to setting a training regime for PowerLung, the first month should be focused on breathing exercises and increasing the resistance. Like with any new program, ensure that for the first couple of weeks you place emphasis on understanding how to do the exercises properly. Technique is incredibly important and will guarantee you get the most out of your practice. After 2 weeks, and once you have familiarized yourself with the exercises, incorporate the WarmUp and WarmDown drills into any regular sport training or exercise sessions that you undergo. You will begin experiencing benefits of this initial training typically within about 5 days. In particular you will experience less breathlessness.                     

When you have completed 4-6 weeks of training with these two programs, you can play with your routine and start to bring PowerLung more creatively into your other exercise. This means you vary your drills depending on the day, similar to normal sport and weight training. One day you may want to focus on strength, another on endurance and others on special exercises to better a particular skill. It is at this point that the adjustability of the resistance becomes important, as you can cycle between high and low repetition and high and low resistance regimes, based on the days and weeks. For example, you may want to 3 sets of 10 repetitions at a regular resistance and work up to 3 sets of 30. Once you reach this you can increase the resistance and change the number of sets and/or repetitions. What is important is both getting significant time under tension and ensuring variability of the program. Likewise if you are doing any sport training that requires rests, such as sprints, swimming or weightlifting, you may want to add PowerLung training during this period. You can start with 10 breaths at low resistance and continue to increase the repetitions and setting. If you’d like some further ideas about how you can train with PowerLung, visit our Community Page and check out User Tips at this link

The other option to consider when you have maxed out with your PowerLung is to purchase PowerLung Resistance Cell Sets. PowerLung is the only product on the market to allow you to do the upgrade between ranges of resistance.  We currently have four sets to choose from and all offer specialized levels of resistance depending on your desired outcomes. The first model, the Airestream, is a great beginner option for those who are moderately active, want to improve their breathing technique and make steady lifestyle changes. Secondly we have the Breatheair, this is for those moderately active individuals exercising at low intensity at least 2 to 3 times a week. This model will help with breath control and endurance and is another great option for beginners.

For more athletic individuals there is the Trainer model, designed for those who undergo regular rigorous physical activity and would like to take their training to the next level. This can assist in the development of endurance and breathe control for physically fit individuals and professional performing artists who specialize in high pressure instruments. Finally we have the Sport model. This caters to top performance athletes and is the highest and most challenging level of PowerLung available. This model cannot adjust to lower levels of resistance and is only intended for those with PowerLung experience and at very high levels of training.

As you can see, reaching the maximum on your PowerLung doesn’t mean you’ve finished training. There are unlimited ways to adjust your program and the PowerLung resistance in order to continue to get the most out of the regime. If you are ready to take your PowerLung training to the next level, check out our Resistance Cells here, for additional tips and training technique be sure to visit our blog Better Breathing!

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